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If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, this is the seminar for you.  Teaching strategies only work if they allow the teacher to have TIME to plan and TIME to teach.  Strategies that ask you to make a different lesson plan for every student or to spend hours developing new materials simply are not realistic in the 21st Century Classroom.  The strategies presented in this seminar are both REALISTIC and SUSTAINABLE.  They create healthy and happy teachers... and healthy and happy classrooms!

A one-Day Seminar Featuring

"The RTI GuY"

Pat Quinn!

End the Stress.  Stop being overwhelmed.

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Differentiation in an Age of Standards
Finally, a Seminar that gives real strategies

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Teaching ONE set of standards to a DIVERSE group of students is not easy.  The old techniques of splitting your class in two and teaching one group fast while you teach the other group slow simply does not work in an age of standards, assessments, and today's level of diversity.  THIS seminar will show you techniques that you can use the very next day in your classroom to meet the needs of ALL of your students!

Topics Include:

  • Differentiation that works with Standards!
  • Differentiation that helps with your State Assessment!
  • The Reason MOST Differentiation fails… from the very first day!
  • Formative Assessment techniques that ANY teacher can use!
  • The latest Technology Tools to help you differentiate your lessons!
  • How to Differentiate without getting overwhelmed and stressed!

LOADED with examples at the Elementary, Middle and High School Levels!